Interact with Heroic Tapestries: Ruth Gruber


An encounter with H2F2, called The Hero Around/Within Us, involves creating a graphic novel/cartoon that incorporates self-narratives of real and/or imagined experiences. From reading the essays in the 2016 H2F2 book or from your own research on each of the heroes (see links on the Leadership encounter to begin research), and looking at the Holocaust Heroes: Fierce Read more about POWER[…]

Interact with Heroic Tapestries: Popova Nadezhda


Stein’s tapestries draw attention to fragments of life, using collage as a way to juxtapose, overlap, layer, hide, and reveal relationships. In a close view of the tapestries, for example, what meanings are possible when considering the juxtaposition of calico cotton next to black leather? Both could be fragments from aprons that, when placed together, Read more about LEADERSHIP[…]

Anne Frank 839


An encounter with the Anne Frank tapestry called, Welcome Home, begins with reading excerpts from her diary and current news reports concerning groups of people seeking safety in a foreign land. The current news could be juxtaposed with film images from Voyage of the Damned. The historical documentary depicts the incident in 1939 when a Read more about JUSTICE[…]



Cabinets, Cupboards, Cases and Closets 855 2015 fabric, found objects, metal, wood 9”x3”x9” The Cabinets, Cupboards, Cases, and Closets sculpture in the H2F2 exhibition are wooden and metal environments that Stein revisions into life stories. They are filled and overflowing with complex life narratives, through interwoven cultural artifacts. These works spark encounters about hiding, leaving Read more about ENVIRONMENT[…]

Interact with Spoon to Shell #838


There is never a single story about any place or people. In this encounter, select one of the Cabinets, Cupboards, Cases, and Closets sculptures to imagine a life story situated in a community of people. With collage, drawing, and painting, create a series of artworks of people in action that includes an element of the Read more about COMMUNITY[…]

Interact with Heroic Tapestries: Noor Khan


What if each of Stein’s fierce feminist leaders simultaneously had a prominent seat at the table on the national and world stage? What if all stood up when they were told to sit down? What if all spoke out, when they were told to be quiet? What if…? Just imagine what Wonder Woman would say Read more about ACTIVISM[…]