Protector 841 with Wonder Woman shadow. Artist: Linda Stein. Leather, metal, mixed-media; 78 x 56

H2F2 Civic Art Education: Taking the Challenge of Change

Find Cards is a differential learning and assessment strategy that Keifer-Boyd (2014, 2013) developed in the 1970s for teaching mixed age groups from five-year-olds to elders in art galleries. When participants create Find Cards, facilitators discern what learners find important. Also, in composing a question, reflection on what is learned integrates assessment with learning. FIND CARD ACTIVITY: Partner with another Read more about H2F2 Civic Art Education: Taking the Challenge of Change[…]

Protector 841 with Wonder Woman shadow. Artist: Linda Stein. Leather, metal, mixed-media; 78 x 56

9-11 Memorial Encounter

Running Away/Against Biopolitical Tattooing The terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, on New York City left an indelible mark on the art of Linda Stein. Desperate to get away from the raging flames, black smoke, suffocating dust, and cancerous debris, New Yorkers frantically ran for cover during the collapse of the World Trade Center Towers. Over 3000 people lost their Read more about 9-11 Memorial Encounter[…]


Identity Exploration with Cultural Artifacts encounter

The Identity Exploration with Cultural Artifacts encounter, with the Spoon to Shell Series, begins with a discussion, while looking at the art, with others whose social class, age, gender, sexuality, and ethnic background differs from one’s own. To join the discussion click here. Look again at each work in the Spoon to Shell Series. What Read more about Identity Exploration with Cultural Artifacts encounter[…]

PM film activity

Power Encounter

Power Encounter involves discussion about (dis)(em)power(ment). We will look at artists who are connecting to themes of power and narrative. We will make art that re-imagines new narratives of everyday heroism. ACTIVITIES and DISCUSSION: Power Tapestry Diagram a (Super)hero Teacher as (Super)hero RESOURCES: Toku, M. (2001) What is manga? The influence of pop culture in adolescent art? Art Education, 54, 11-17. McCloud, Read more about Power Encounter[…]

From the Cabinets, Cupboards, Cases and Closets Series, Brought/Left Behind #856 by Linda Stein (2015). Wood, metal, fabric, and mixed media. Open 47”x30”x16”

Creating Interactive Stories on Becoming a Brave Upstander

Agency is a foundational concept of interactivity and the currency of game design. Create an interactive story game of the 4 Bs with the possibility of becoming a brave upstander. There is never a single story about any place or people. In this encounter, select one of the Cabinets, Cupboards, Cases, and Closets sculptures to imagine a life story situated Read more about Creating Interactive Stories on Becoming a Brave Upstander[…]

Hannah Senesh 806 by Linda Stein (2014)
5 ft. sq. leather, metal, canvas, paint, fabric & mixed media

Justice Encounter: To Act OR Not To Act

GOALS and OBJECTIVES explore issues of social justice and social justice activism as upstander understand why and how people take action to address injustice develop empathy for people whose experiences differ from our own inspire participants (through art) to be upstanders for social justice recognize how one’s life history shapes personal perspectives on upstander behavior and social Read more about Justice Encounter: To Act OR Not To Act[…]


From Nativist Hysteria to Upstanders

FILMS: Vienna’s LOST Daughters (2007, 87 min., director: Mirjam Unger) Nativist hysteria against Syrian refugees echoes U.S. rejection of Jewish refugees in the 1930s.(2015, 13 min., director/producer: Amy Goodman) Democracy Now: Independent Global News. My Name is Ruth Gruber (2013, 7:33 min, director/producer: Zeva Oelbaum) art restitution: Woman in Gold (2015, 1 hr. & 49 Read more about From Nativist Hysteria to Upstanders[…]


Fluidity of Gender

ENCOUNTERS WITH THE FLUIDITY OF GENDER: SCULPTURE BY LINDA STEIN To begin, sit in a circle and ask the participants to write three words that define themselves or how they would like to be known. Follow this prompt with distributing Black Lives Matter ribbons or post-its that they might wear, and ask what matters to Read more about Fluidity of Gender[…]