How can educators foster in their students’ a critical consciousness of the systems of inequality so that they actually embody upstander behaviors that challenge the injustices they confront on a daily basis? How can we teach towards everyday brave upstander actions? In the social justice curricula that we developed as encounters with the different series of Linda Stein’s art, our purpose is to foster critical consciousness and upstander action to challenge injustice.

The Curricular team (C-team) invites those interested in teaching social justice through our encounters with art to use the curricula and interactive website with your students.

To help the C-team to improve these encounters and to provide evidence of the effectiveness of our website, we invite you to participate in our research. We ask you to respond to 5 open-ended questions prior to using the website, and 4 open-ended questions after exploring the website for possible use in your teaching. Your responses will be confidential and will not include identifiers. Your participation is entirely voluntary and you can opt out at any time.

  1. Respond to the pre-questionnaire at
  2. Facilitate one or more encounters with the guides and resources provided at
  3. Then respond to the post-questionnaire at

Thank you for helping the H2F2 curriculum research team develop social justice education through art!

The C-team: Karen Keifer-Boyd (, Ann Holt, Yen-Ju Lin, Wanda B. Knight, and Adetty Pérez de Miles in collaboration with Linda Stein.