From the Cabinets, Cupboards, Cases and Closets Series, Brought/Left Behind #856 by Linda Stein (2015). Wood, metal, fabric, and mixed media. Open 47”x30”x16”

Creating Interactive Stories on Becoming a Brave Upstander

Agency is a foundational concept of interactivity and the currency of game design. Create an interactive story game of the 4 Bs with the possibility of becoming a brave upstander. There is never a single story about any place or people. In this encounter, select one of the Cabinets, Cupboards, Cases, and Closets sculptures to imagine a life story situated Read more about Creating Interactive Stories on Becoming a Brave Upstander[…]


From Nativist Hysteria to Upstanders

FILMS: Vienna’s LOST Daughters (2007, 87 min., director: Mirjam Unger) Nativist hysteria against Syrian refugees echoes U.S. rejection of Jewish refugees in the 1930s.(2015, 13 min., director/producer: Amy Goodman) Democracy Now: Independent Global News. My Name is Ruth Gruber (2013, 7:33 min, director/producer: Zeva Oelbaum) art restitution: Woman in Gold (2015, 1 hr. & 49 Read more about From Nativist Hysteria to Upstanders[…]