fabric, archival pigment on canvas, leather, metal, zippers 58" x 58"
Nancy Wake 802
fabric, archival pigment on canvas, leather, metal, zippers
5 ft. sq.

One thought on “Heroic Tapestries: Nancy Wake


    It is amazing how this tapestry was made, I like the fact that the artist used as a base on the tapestry different kind of fabrics some look soft and others look hard and strong. I am guessing that the idea of use these fabrics is a way to show the strongness and at the same time the softness of a female. Another detail that takes my attention on this piece is the use of pictures, the artists show herself at different stages of her life. for instance, there is a contrast in the age when she was super young and then when she is an old lady, and in between she depicts herself with a narrative that is in the center of the tapestry and what I can read it says "Linda Wake dies at 98, proud spy and nazi..." so with that I can get the idea of what she did between she was young and old. In addition, she there are three figures of wonder woman, but what it is interesting is that each wonder woman represents different race because one is black, the other one is white, and the last one can represent other race Chinese or Hispanic, so with she is showing that any woman can be a wonder woman.

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