The purpose of this website is to help educators develop social justice curriculum around H2F2 and promote upstander behaviors. In order to assess its effectiveness and impact, we need user feedback.

You are invited to participate in the Pre and Post Encounters Questionnaire for the H2F2 Research Project to assess the curricular and pedagogical design of the online environment for social justice education through encounters with art.

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Definitions of the 4 Bs:
  • Bully: A person who targets another, often supported by a group, to intimidate (such as with hurtful rumors using social media) or act aggressively toward another with threats or violent actions.
  • Bullied: A person who is the victim of bullying and may suffer depression, social withdrawal, physical injury, addiction, self-harm, and even suicide.
  • Bystander: A person who is knowledgeable about unjust acts, such as bullying, and does nothing to prevent the injustice.
  • Brave Upstander: A brave upstander joins with others, or stands alone, to protect others from violent circumstances in everyday experiences, such as bullying, or actively engages in promoting the well-being of others to balance inequalities or oppression.

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