Spoon to Shell 817 2015 spoon, shell and mixed media 11”x2”x14”
Spoon to Shell #817
spoon, shell and mixed media

2 thoughts on “Spoon to Shell #817


    I love how the single spoon is surrounded and partially covered by shells and rocks of various sizes. It is a strong reminder that our bravery makes a noticeable difference in spite of our vulnerability and present oppression. The overall mood of the tapestry is very dark and almost violent. The words "When", "Our Choice", "Must Go This Way No Other", contributes to the mental disturbance while I can imagine physical disturbances from the wire or the sharp objects. The tear in the center appears similar to the female genitalia, with the cross wires beneath implying something unsettling being protected, much like an undivulged secret too unflattering to share. All the objects used can be found randomly both outdoors and indoors, kind of how human beings are mostly influenced and shaped by what we don't expect.

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